A typical day in Ban Yangkheua

We had breakfast at 8’o clock. The ladies from the village took it in turns to cook us sticky rice, bread and egg, once they even brought us beetles! The beetles didn’t taste too bad but they’re not my favourite food. They brought the food to the guest house on a low table. We sat on the floor while the Laos ladies watched us eating.



At 8: 30 the children went to school and we prepared for our lesson unless the teacher was ill or it was raining in which case they came to the guest house to play with us.

At 9’o clock we went to the school to teach the children English. The school was a small brick building with one class room and one teacher. The class was a mixture of children aged 5-9, the classroom didn’t have much stationary and the children sat at desks and copied writing off the blackboard at the front of the room. Our normal lesson plan was to sing hello how are you, then teach them some English with flash cards and play a game, and finish the lesson by singing some songs.

At 10: 30 we went back to the house, planned the lesson for the local guides and swam while the children were at school.




At 11’o clock the children came back from school and swam, did drawing and painting, listened to us singing songs and played cards and drafts. The things they enjoyed most were drawing and playing donkey whith our Harry Potter cards so on the last day we gave them each a note book, some colouring pencils and the cards.

At 12’o clock we had lunch. The villagers came to the guest house with our food. For lunch we had vegetables meat and sticky rice, once they gave us frogs for lunch!

At 1: 30 the children went back to school and we relaxed, wrote our blogs, swam, did our project and collected water from the pump. We had to pump our water because the river water isn’t clean and there are no taps.


At 3’o clock the children came back and played more games with us.

At 5’o clock the villagers washed in the river because they don’t have water in their houses.



At 6: 30 we had dinner. Dinner was normally noodle soup, vegetables, meat and sticky rice but with one meal we had fish, shrimp and water lice as well!

At 8’o clock we went to the village meeting house where Mum and Dad taught the local guides and Jago, Piran and I played it with the children.

At 9’o clock we went back to the guest house and went to sleep.

I liked living in Ban Yangkheua and teaching English although it was hard playing almost all day. When we played in the river, Bem (the oldest child) always asked me the names of things and then told me the Laos name for it. I think if you live in a Laos village you must get bored of sticky rice quickly.

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