Arriving in Lombok

After the stormy, windy boat trip we arrived in Lombok. The boat was small and wooden and there were loads of people. The first thing I noticed in Lombok was that there were not as many motorbikes as in Bali but as we got to a village there were the same amount.

Soon we arrived in Senaru and reached our home stay. I got someone to carry my luggage to my room for me, then I jumped into the bed and started putting up my mosquito tent. After I put up my mosquito tent Mum, Cara and I went to a shop and brought five wafers. We sat on chairs and looked out from the balcony.¬†From the balcony you could see Mount Rinjani, a big rainforest and lots of rice terraces with cows in and some of the rice was much more light green. In the room there were Barcelona blankets. They were really soft but I didn’t get to use them in the night because there were only 2. It was chilly and misty near the mountain.

It was hot in the Gili islands so I wanted to go to a colder place but then when I went to a cold place I wanted to go back to a hot place again! In the morning Mum, Cara and I sat where they serve you breakfast. I played games on my kindle and Mum and Cara stuck stuff in the scrap book. We all had pancakes, then we set out to a waterfall walk and I got really fed up with walking. I liked Lombok because I thought it was beautiful but I thought it was too cold.

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