Balinese cooking class

We left Australia and landed in Denpasar. First we stayed at Balangan for a couple of days and took a day trip to Kuta for some Christmas shopping. We moved to Bingin for Christmas and stayed in a villa with a private pool and staff. Then we went Ubud and did more day trips, on one we went to a Balinese cooking class.

We had an early breakfast and started our class. First we went to the market, the market was very busy and everyone shouted at you to buy their stuff. We bought snake skin fruit and hairy fruit. Next we went to the farm we would be cooking at. When we got there we ate the fruit we had picked up at the market and mango.

When the other people we were cooking with arrived we looked around the farm and picked some food. We saw pineapple growing and picked beans, cassava and other things we would need. We cooked in groups of two and three.

First we cooked Sayur Urab (mixed vegetables). First we cut all the vegetables and spices. Next we put the vegetables in boiling water for five minutes. After that we fried shallot, garlic and chili. Then added salt, pepper and shrimp paste, stirred it and drained it. Next we added grated coconut, lime juice and the mixed vegetables. Finally we mixed everything up and put it on a plate.

We also cooked bumbu bali (a spice mixture used in balinese cooking), sweet and sour tempe, opor ayam (balinese chicken curry) tuna sambel matah (tuna and vegetables), bali satay lilit (beef satay) and bubur injin (rice pudding with banana).

My favourite food was the bubur injin. I think its better than the school rice pudding We used white rice and black sticky rice. I also enjoyed the bali satay lilit. The tempe was a bit to nutty for me but it was okay. I thought the opor ayam good and wasn’t very spicy. I loved the Sayur Urab, coconut goes really well with fried vegetables. The tuna was nice but you could really taste the lime juice we added.

Our cooking class took almost the whole day but I enjoyed it.

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  1. Thanks Ben. Cara, it sounds like you had an amazing time. I wonder if you will be able to find all the ingredients back in the UK?

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