Beach clean and bike

On Friday, 2 days after we arrived on Gili T, we were at Antony’s house playing in the swimming pool there. The pool was shared with two other people but I didn’t mind because it was very big and refreshing. Once we had swam for a while, Mum gave us some spellings to do using little letters that were a bit like scrabble tiles. I thought it was fun and I did lots but I didn’t get all of them right. Piran then decided that he wanted to go for a bike ride, so we did.

We got 5 bikes that fitted us ( from Antony’s house ) and then we set off. I rode ahead with Mum and Cara while Dad and Piran went behind us. We went very fast as we rode down the dirt track and round the corner at the bottom of the road. When we got to the next turning we had to stop and wait for Dad and Piran to catch us up. When they got to us we were told to go left because then we would be facing where we were heading.

When we started again I found that my legs were hurting but I decided to just carry on. Soon I decided to go and see how Dad and Piran were doing so I told Mum, turned around and set off back down the road. A little bit back down the road I found Dad and Piran. They were doing well and and thought I should leave them while they were still ok. I tried to catch up but I couldn’t find Mum and Cara so I ended up going back.

Soon we got to a T junction and I didn’t know which way to go but Dad saw their bikes by a mound of sand so we put our bikes with theirs, climbed over the mound and we saw them playing on a swing in the sea. The swing was just above the water and if you put your feet down you got very wet and slowed yourself down. When Cara finished playing on it I had a go and it was very fun. Dad even had a go and he splashed me but I had another go and got him back!

We then went back to the bikes and we rode back to the house. When we got back we had a quick swim, got back on our bikes and rode down to a dive school on the main road by the sea. Mum said we were going to do the Gili T beach clean and the dive school was where it started. Piran said he didn’t want to do it but Dad said you got a free drink if you do it and immediately Piran changed his mind. Once we had seen all of the rubbish in Bali we all really wanted to stop the rubbish polluting the sea because it is bad for the planet.

We only had to wait 5 minutes until someone came and explained what we needed to do. She told us we had two bags, one we needed to fill with recyclable things and another for other rubbish. She also said we had an old water bottle to fill up with cigarette butts.

Once she told us about it we went onto the beach and started cleaning. I found lots of cigarette butts and a lot of non recyclable things but not too many recyclable things. Cara had a bottle for cigarettes and we found a lot. There was a dive instructor who had a bottle as well and we decided to try and get more than him. We them found that when we were looking especially for cigarette butts we found loads of them. We went on for a long time and when Cara’s bottle was almost full I got a new one to start on.

I decided to go ahead of the dive instructor so I got lots and left only a little for him. I went on for ages and when it was time to head back I came and we saw who had the most butts. We found we had 4000 and he had 1500 butts so that meant we had beaten him by a long way. We then had our free drink and went back to the house and I fell asleep very quickly.

I really enjoyed the bike ride and the beach clean was very fun. It was my favourite day on Gili T so far. After the beach clean we made posters and gave them to the Gili T Eco Trust and they put them on Facebook.

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