White Water Rafting

While we were staying in Kota Kinabalu in Borneo, we were driving to Sabah and had a stop to go white water rafting. The raft was a blow up boat with holes in the bottom. We had two guides who steered the white water raft.


We took a ride down a mini waterfall. There was a little thud but the thud didn’t hurt. Then I started to paddle a little bit harder. When we got to a old wobbly bridge like a suspension bridge we jumped out of the raft and swam till it got shallow then we jumped back into the raft.

All I could only hear the sound of the water rushing by. All around us there was forest and jungle. We saw water buffaloes that are big cow like creatures with big horns with egrets  all over them. Egrets are white birds with long necks and they pecked off the bad skin of the water buffaloes.


The rapids weren’t very strong but there was the occasional big wave. I  enjoyed this, I recommend this!

Fizzy days in Bali

After Lombok we got a five minute aeroplane ride over to Bali and we stayed at a place called BB Hostel in Canggu. The hostel had a swimming pool, a pool table and a television.The first day we were there the swimming pool was out of order because the pump had stopped working. While we were there Dad invented special dipper where you fill the lid of a water bottle with water and dip your toothbrush in. We needed to do that because tap water in Indonesia isn’t clean, so we used bottled water for that instead.

In the evening we left Jago at BB Hostel and the rest of us went out for dinner but it was only five minutes there. The food was delicious, I had a folded up ham pizza and ravioli stuffed with spinach.



I woke up the next day knowing it would be Cara’s fake birthday today. She had a fake birthday becauae Dad wouldn’t be there for her proper birthday. He was leaving because Nanny was very ill. We went straight to splash water park because that’s how Cara wanted to spend the day. At Splash there was a massive rainbow coloured water slide  and a Tarzan swing, and I had 2 fizzy drinks. On the rainbow slide you needed to go down on a mat and you went really fast, and we raced each other. It was amazing and I would like to go back there. I also enjoyed table tennis with Dad, going round the lazy river and the big red waterslide. It was a brilliant day. Then we got a shuttle bus to Finn’s bar which was on a sandy beach with lots of surfers surfing and we had another fizzy drink by the sea. Finally we went to Bobs restaurant and they said they were good for birthdays. I had a beef burger and yet another fizzy drink and played pool. We got a cake with candles in and we sang Happy Birthday”.

The next day we went to Kota Kinabalu and left Dad at Kuala Lumpur airport. It was sad leaving him. The last few days in Bali we did fun things but we didn’t enjoy them as much as we should have because we knew that Dad was going to leave.



In the campervan

We got our flight on the seventh of October 2017. We are renting a campervan and Jago and I sleep at the top.In the campervan there is a TV and there are lots of noisy drawers because the plates crash together when we are driving. On the first night it felt very warming. The hob is very hot and it could at least burn your hands. At the top of the campervan there is a little light and it’s very light. Cara sleeps near the front and mum and dad sleep at the back. Today we will go on a two hour drive.

This afternoon we saw glow worms and as it gets later they shine brighter and brighter because it gets darker and darker and they get lighter and lighter. After the glow worm caves we went for a walk and we saw a big rock. Cara found a piece of greenstone on the beach just as we were about to get a ferry back to the campervan.

Last night when I went to bed it was very cosy but  I already miss my friends.In New Zealand the sky has been sunny, then the next moment it is pouring  with rain. Now we’re driving to a campsite in the Forest. All if us are excited to see the campsite. I hope the campsite there  will have lots of children. I liked it at the last one but there weren’t any children.

The cliff 

On the cliff I got to the top of it first and my Dad said I am a good climber. I was a lot behind when I ran up and caught up and kept running up the cliff. At the bottom of the cliff there was a beach and the waves were strong. The current was very strong so we did not go swimming. In the water there was a lot of foam. I was standing shallow in the water. There were lots of rocks. There was a big  wave and it almost knocked me over into the water. At the top of the cliff I got a mint and it was a small cliff so I got my mint quickly. I liked it because the walk was only small and I like walks when they are not so long and not so small. On the beach there were lots of jelly fish  but they were only small jelly fish and I don’t know which breed of jelly fish they were.

We stayed at the Loveridges’ house. They have two houses. One was bigger than the other. They had the biggest and  we stayed in the smaller. They have a swimming pool. The Loveridges were called Niamh, Maebh, Orla, Ruairi, Janie, Greg and a baby called Fergus. My Mum loved Fergus because he was so small. On the cliff there was a dirt track up the cliff and Cara, Mum and Janie took the short cut.

Rangitoto island


On Rangitoto island we got a ferry there and back. The top of it is very high and it is a volcano that is dormant and one day it might become active. On it there were lots of big rocks and the rocks were very hard. There were also lava caves. In the lava caves there was one that was short and one that was longer. On Rangitoto island there was a viewing platform where you can see the crater of the volcano. Rangitoto island is on the side next to the sea. On the ferry back  it was a strong current and the boat was very wobbly. I liked it but we did not get any snacks. At the top of the Rangitoto island is a small house that did not have any  chairs in it but outside there were some benches. When it rained we went inside so we stood up and then we just sat on the wet floor.

In the lava tunnels

I hurt my leg on a big rock and there was a little bruise but it did not hurt for a long time. On Rangitoto island we went in the lava caves and my mum told me how they were made. When we were about to get the ferry and we saw an old house where there are tours and some beach huts where they don’t have tours.