Gili Air

On Gili Air I went snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding and bike riding. Mum and I went snorkelling in the clear turquoise sea. We saw lots of colourful fish, sea urchins and coral but no turtles. There were lots of little neon blue fish although my favourite fish was the parrot fish. The parrot fish was multicoloured and quite big. I liked the parrot fish because of its amazing colours. There were lots of sea urchins which are like spike balls, therefore Jago didn’t stay in long as he was afraid they might hurt him.

Jago paid for us to go stand up paddle boarding. When you do stand up paddle boarding you slowly stand up then paddle on alternate sides. It was a bit hard because I had to keep changing the position of my hands so it felt comftable on both sides without falling off. When I was up I felt the wind in my hair and the warm sea gently brushing over the board. It was quite relaxing just paddling and thinking.

The next day we went to Oceans 5 dive resort and left our things there with Dad. Mum, Jago, Piran and I went on a bike ride. It was sandy in places and we all fell off at least once because the sand slowed us down and stopped our wheels from moving but it was still fun. We saw the sea and let the cool breeze blow over us. We found a way to the beach and tried to go in the opposite direction because it was too sandy but every road we took went back to the coast. Eventually we found a way to the middle of the island and we decided to head back. When we approached the centre of the island it got a bit more busy and we began to see horse and carts. There are no cars on Gili Air so the transport is horse and carts. All the horses had bells and were decorated nicely.

I enjoyed stand up paddle boarding most because it was fun to have time alone. The beaches were nice and the fish were beautiful. It was just the right temperature but the island was a bit too small. I think Gili Air is a fun little island.

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  1. What memories you are making, it must be amazing to see all those things and have all those experiences. Such a lot of things to tell everyone at home. Thank you for sharing it with us x

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