6 days after we arrived on Gili T we had a lie-in for the first time in months. I was woken up by the noise of our staff cooking breakfast. The food smelt so good I jumped out of bed, put some clothes on and went to the table. I got there just as  they had finished cooking the pancake I had ordered. The pancake was banana and nutella and it was one of the best pancakes I had ever had. Over breakfast Dad told us about the school we were going to go to today. He said it was called Bumble Bee Montersori and it started at 11:00am and finished at 4:00pm so they only had 5 hours of school. He also said that they learnt by playing but I didn’t know what that meant so Dad said I would have to find out.

After breakfast we had a swim then we headed of for school. Me and Mum went to look if we could find the school but we couldn’t find it we could only find the international school so we then went back to get Cara and Piran. This time Cara and Piran came with us and soon we found the right school. Luckily we got there just as it started. First we were shown around and then we went into the classroom. We met the teacher who was called Miss Eggie and then I was told to help a boy called Max with a skull of a skeleton because he had messed it up last time he tried to do it. They didn’t have years they were in an older group and a younger group. We were in the older group with 13 other children. In that school they all spoke English so I could understand them.

Max said he was from Germany but he had moved to Gili T when he was 3 and had been at that school for 3 years because he was 8 and he started at age 4. We worked on the skull for what felt like a long time but soon it was finished. When we were done we found out it had taken us 35 minutes to do it. We then both decided to do it again but this time try to do it faster. Just before we were going to start again Max found something in the instructions that said beginers took 30 minutes, average would take 20 minutes and advanced would take 15 minutes so we tried to go for undernieth 20 minutes. Max had a watch with a timer so we used that to time ourselfs. We went very fast and did it in 13 minutes which was better than advanced so we did it again in 12 minutes so we decided we were good at it.

Next it was time for lunch and I went and served myself some food. Before we ate we said a prayer then we were alowed to eat. I ate quickly then we went outside and played for a bit then they had to clean up from lunch, then we did a treasure hunt. In the treasure hunt we had a picture of the garden and it had coordinates that we used to find clues and then we put them together to make a sentance that said the treasure is in the classroom. We all ran into the room and found a snack to eat.

After that we made a solor system out of paint and the white paint glowed in the dark. I did Uranus and the other people making it each did 1 other planet. While we were doing the solor system the teacher said Jago in baharsan meant the bravest and undefeated. We then all found out it was the end of the day and we would be going home soon. When Mum and Dad came to pick us up I said goodbye and walked back. On the way back I told Dad about what we had done and he said it sounded nothing like the school at home.

I really enjoyed my day at school and it was very fun playing with other children for a change. My favourite part of the day was building the skeleton with Max. I was very tied at the end of the day and I fell asleep very quickly at night.

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  1. I bet it was strange to have ‘real’ school rather than learning in the camper van. Do you think you would like that sort of school or do you prefer the more organised schools we have back in the UK?

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